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These courses are structured such that each student spends appropriate time on each topic to generate enough insight to tackle questions of any difficulty level. Each question is accompanied with an editor where you can submit your code for the given or even watch the solution video and the code in case you are unable to reach an optimal solution for the problem.

Do you need more personalize experience while solving question along with doubt support.


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Teacher Student Engagement

Teacher Student Engagement

The biggest advantage of the paid course is the interaction between the student and the instructor. The student gets a personalised experience where they can get their doubts solved during the class and get the code corrected at the same time. Students are also regularly guided and given advice on how to tackle and complete the course efficiently.

Round the Clock Doubt Support

Round the Clock Doubt Support

Never get stuck due to a small error in your code anymore. With round the clock doubt support, get instant support from our online doubt support team and never let your coding pace get slow.

Placement Guidance

Placement Guidance

Always stay updated about the upcoming placement opportunities all around India. Students are made aware of the latest interview opportunities of all product based companies. Students also get referrals and be a part of internal team hiring with our Alumni network in companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe and many more.

Classroom Discussions

Classroom Discussions

Get a class like experience where doubts and extra tips are discussed during the class. Students also learn about some extra techniques and tricks to solve certain problems with the personal experience of the teacher. Students also get habitual to the classes and follow a proper schedule of classes which helps them with continuity. Get a part of healthy competition among your peers and learn from their mistakes and doubts.

Must Do Interview Question List for FAANG

This list of 500 questions has been made by the Pepcoding Team after solving all questions from GFG, Leetcode, Hackerrank and other famous resources. This list has been culminated without any repetitiveness and enough questions on each topic to develop a genuine insight to solve almost any technical question.

Solving this list of questions has helped more than 300 students to get placed in tier-1 product based companies. Anyone who has solved this complete list of question is in close proximity of a great placement ahead. Do try this list and we will love to share your success story with the world.

Classroom Discussions

FAANG List 2.0

The complete list of questions covered in our Level-2 course. This list consists of questions across all difficulty levels - Easy, Medium and Hard. All the hot topics asked in the interviews - Dynamic Programming, Graphs, Arrays, Strings, Searching and Sorting, are covered in this list. The questions are clubbed such that similar techniques can be applied to solve these questions and related to each other in a way.

Covering this list of questions makes the student placement ready and almost at the peak of their preparation. It stands a very high chance that one of your next interview questions is one from this list. Our past success has been from students who solved majority questions from this questionnaire and got similar questions to the concepts used in solving this list of questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the differences between the 3 courses?
    The courses are divided as per the difficulty level of questions discussed and the level of concepts taught in each course. Foundation course is designed for a beginner, Levelup is for students who are into competitive programming and get a better insight of data structure and algorithms. Interview Prep is for students who are nearing their placement or internship season and are looking to practice and increase their volume of questions.
  • What is discussed in the Foundation course?
    Level-1 or Foundation consists of questions and concepts which are enough for a first time coder or a beginner in programming. These questions give a beginner enough insight of a data structure or algorithm and make them capable of solving easy and medium difficulty level questions. An absolute beginner or a student with very few hours of coding experience must start from here.
  • What is discussed in the Levelup course?
    The Levelup course is an extension of Foundation. Each topic is discussed in much more depth and newer concepts are introduced with this course. The difficulty level of questions discussed here are more as compared to the Foundation questions. We also cover competitive programming in this course. Students who wish to create insights on Algorithms and Data Structures must go through this course once. This course helps the students improve their problem solving ability and also increases the number of ways to solve each question. The Foundation course is a strong prerequisite for this course. If a student has prior knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms, they can start with this course.
  • What is discussed in the Interview Preparation course?
    The Interview Preparation course is a collection of questions commonly asked in interviews of product based companies. The motive of this course is to increase the breadth of knowledge for students so that they have a wide array of questions with them. In this course, the approach to solve around 500-600 questions is discussed rather than coding them. This course is apt for students who are nearing their placement or internship seasons and require to practice as much possible for the upcoming interviews. This course is for students who are comfortable on Data Structure and Algorithms and want to practice questions for their upcoming interviews.
  • Will the Foundation course be enough to crack interviews?
    As the name suggests, the Foundation course focuses on concept building rather than solving interview questions. This course is a part of the journey to clear the coding interview and getting a job at a top tier product based company.
  • Which course should I start with?
    If you are a beginner, you must start with the Foundation course followed by Levelup and/or Interview Preparation. If you have basic knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms, you can start with either Levelup or Interview Preparation.
  • What is the difference between the paid courses and the free courses?
    As far as content is concerned, both our paid and free courses cover the same content. However the paid courses have some additional benefits. Firstly, the students follow a schedule and feel the class like-experience with fellow students. Doubts are resolved instantly with the instructor helping them with the code and explanation in the class itself. Students come across different doubts in class which helps them with their learning as well. A healthy competition is maintained throughout the course where the students grind and compete with each other. Some extra questions and some cheeky techniques are also shared during the class which the instructor encountered and solved himself. Students get round the clock doubt support to clear their doubts even when they are not attending the classes. All in all, the paid courses creates a personal touch of the students with the instructors and improves their learning experience with all the mentioned facilities.
  • What should be the sequence to attempt any question here on the portal?
    Each question window has 5 tabs - Question, Editor, History, Solution and Stats. The online judge question is available in the Question tab where the description, constraints, input and output format and sample input and sample output is given. A question video is also embedded on the question tab for a better and clear explanation of the question. Sometimes, the question videos consist of Hints as well to solve the question. Students can start attempting the question after this in the Editor Tab. The Editor Tab consists of a snippet code where you can write your program for the question. This is where you can run or submit your code for each question. The Solution Tab consists of the solution video along with the complete explanation and the code for the problem. Students are advised to see the solution video even after submitting the question on their own. This might help them get a better approach to solve the question and develop an insight to solve further such questions.

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