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Placement Program

  •    DS level1 (300 standard algorithms)
  •    DS level2 (600 leetcode type problems)
  •   DS level3 (300 codechef/codeforces problems)
  •   Web(MERN stack) - 5 big projects + 5 small projects + 2 make-your-own projects (internship certificate)
  •   CORE - OOPs, OS, DBMS, CN, System Design
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Job Switch Program

  •    A program targeted towards working professionals looking for a switch.
  •    Learn Data Structures and Algorithms from beginners level to advanced level.
  •   600 Leetcode questions and 300 Codechef/Codeforces questions.
  •   Master core subjects like OS, DBMS, System Design and OOP’s Convenient timings for working professionals after office hours.
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Where our students work

  • 500+

    Placed Students

    We have been successful in helping more than 500 students get placed in top product based companies with handsome packages.

  • 250+

    Packages above 15 LPA

    More than 250 of our students have been able to grab packages more than 15 LPA from companies all over India.

  • 9L

    Average Package

    The Average Package of students placed from Pepcoding stands at 9 LPA at the moment.


Cracking the coding interview with PepCoder's

Prepare for a technical interview with tips and techniques and interviews questions from students who cracked the coding questions of companies like Google, Microsoft & SAP labs and shared their positive experience with PepCoding.

Straight from the heart.

Our persona is reflected by our students. They reflect this affection with reviews we just love to read again and again. Best institute for coding? Definitely a "YES" from these students perspective.

  Notes for topics like Operating Systems, DBMS and System Design. Special Development Classes which are aimed at Development of Projects. I joined PepCoding in the June-July 2019 Batch and after dedicated efforts of the team, I was able to grab a Day 0 Internship Offer from Tower Research Capital.

  The foundation batch has ~50 lectures, covering the very basics and also solidly consolidating topics like DP, Graphs, etc., which are feared by students - beginners and seniors alike.The interview prep batch also has nearly the same number of lectures and is extremely helpful for cracking interviews of tech giants like Google, Uber, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. The course content is highly structured and is delivered with utmost efficiency.

  I remember so many days when Sumeet sir couldn’t even complete 2 questions in a 4 hour class because he was discussing every student’s approach for the first question itself. OMG SERIOUSLY? ANY TEACHER COULD DO THAT? I CAN’T BELIEVE BECAUSE I HAVEN’T MET SUCH A HARDOWRKING, DEDICATED, BRILLIANT TEACHER EVER!

  I join Pepcoding foundation batch on July 18 , before going to Pepcoding I only know about for-loop and if-else. Pepcoding helped me a lot to crack Amazon interview with greater ease.I attended all batches of Pepcoding:-1. Foundation – It consists of 50 classes which consists of basic questions from all topics(star printing to range-query) .50 classes breakdown as:

  About a year ago, i used to be so stressed because i was in my sixth semester and placements starts from the begining of seventh semester. I had zero confidence on data structures and competitive coding. Bagging offers from tech giants like Oracle or Adobe was only dream back then. But my one decision of joining Pepcoding changed the game. I have done three courses from Pepcoding- Foundation, Level Up and Interview Prep, all three were taught by Sumeet Sir.

  I took the Foundation course in February 2019 and then Interview Preparation in June 2019.The foundation course focuses on building logic and fundamentals of programming. It covers all the important topics of Data Structures and Algorithms that are essential for the interview point of view. These include arrays, strings, linked list, tree, graph, DP, range queries, OOPs, OS, DBMS, etc.

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