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Variables In Java

Hello there. Let us quickly recap what we discussed in the video. Along the way, we may learn something new as well.

1. To declare a variable you need to know it's data type as well.
2. When you declare a variable, say, int x = 10; a location in computer's RAM is named x and 10 is stored in it.
3. / gives quotient and % gives remainder.
4. There is no BODMAS. *, %, / have equal priority and higher than + and - which are equal to each other.
5. Among operators with equal prirority, generally the one on the left is executed first.
6. use parenthesis to over-ride order of execution of operators.

1. There is no operator for exponentiation. 2 ^ 3 is not 8. This is XOR operator. We'll do it later.
2. To do exponentiation use Math.pow function.

1. Try this code in the codebook and meditate on it.

System.out.println(Math.pow(2, 3));

2. Try this code in the codebook and meditate on it.

int exp = (int)Math.pow(2, 3);

3. Compare the ouput of above two and think why the above code has a (int) before Math.pow and what it does?

1. Reminder on plan, focus and meditate.
2. Plan to avoid distractions, make it less likely to be distracted.
3. Focus while in the activity. Try hard to not leave it and do something else till the planned activity is done.
4. Meditate to stay mindful of the wandering mind. Keep bringing it back to where it should be.
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