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How To Print In Java

Hello there. Let us quickly recap what we discussed in the video. Along the way, we may learn something new as well.

1. System.out.print and System.out.println are the two commands which are used in JAVA for printing output to console.
2. 'System.out.print' command prints to the console while 'System.out.println' prints and then moves to next line as well.
3. '/n' can also be used to move to the next line.
4. System.out.println does nothing more than printing the message and then printing '/n' after that.

Printing numbers does not requires double inverted commas. Try this and find out yourself.
System.out.print("10") and System.out.print(10) will have the same output.

Now that we know what it takes to print a right angled triangle, let us meditate on what changes will be required to print an equilateral triangle. Try the code in your code-book and make notes in your notebook.

1. Plan. Plan to avoid distractions.
2. Focus. Try hard to stay in the activity.
3. Meditate. Stay mindful of what your are doing. Bring yourself back if you are distracted.
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