Get career-oriented trained candidates for your company.

We provide a platform for companies where we provide end-to-end assistance in searching students, posting jobs, conducting tests, shortlisting candidates & immediate placements.

An end-to-end hiring ecosystem.

We are a platform that will assist you in finding students, offering positions, running contests, and shortlisting them from start to finish. Students can receive notification of these events without having to do anything manually. This will allow you to save a significant amount of time.

Use our collaboration tools - audio-video & screen sharing for conducting interviews.

Instead of using Zoom or teams, you may conduct your interviews here at NADOS using our audio-video chats, rooms, and screen sharing technology for a better and smoother experience.

Post jobs on our career page

Instead of contacting several colleges and institutions to interact with various college students, list your job openings here to receive the most results with the least amount of effort.

Conduct coding-contests using our compete tool to hire students.

There is already a platform where students can compete. So conduct coding contests easily with all the students. Only legitimate candidates are shortlisted by our software as it detects cheating.

Trained students qualified for immediate placement assistance.

We only shortlist pupils who are qualified enough to work for top organisations. So they can be hired right away and prove to be valuable assets to your company.