Must Do Interview Question List for FAANG

This list of 500 questions has been made by the Pepcoding Team after solving all questions from GFG, Leetcode, Hackerrank and other famous resources. This list has been culminated without any repetitiveness and enough questions on each topic to develop a genuine insight to solve almost any technical question.

Solving this list of questions has helped more than 300 students to get placed in tier-1 product based companies. Anyone who has solved this complete list of question is in close proximity of a great placement ahead. Do try this list and we will love to share your success story with the world.

Classroom Discussions

Interview Questions

  1. Array  
  2. Searching & Sorting  
  3. String  
  4. Matrix  
  5. BackTracking  
  6. Greedy  
  7. Dynamic Programming  
  8. Stacks & Queues  
  9. LinkedList  
  10. Generic Trees  
  11. Binary Trees  
  12. Binary Search Trees  
  13. Order Statistics & Heap & Hash  
  14. Graphs  
  15. Bit Manipulation  
  16. Maths  
  17. Geometry  
  18. Trie  
  19. Union Find  

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Pepcoding is an education and programming platform where we intend to teach computer related technologies such as Data Structure, Algorithms, Web Development, Mobile App Development and many more. The content taught and covered is inspired from similar platforms such as GeeksforGeeks, Leetcode, InterviewBit and Hackerrank however it has been simplified and modified for the sole purpose of improving the learning and training experience of a student.