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For students who desperately desire to land at their dream companies.

Wondering how to get a job after graduation? Stop squandering time and opt for our Guaranteed Placement Assistance.

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How Does It Work?


Zero UpFront Fee

Study now, pay later.
During your time at Pepcoding, no fee will be charged. Once the course is completed and you’ve been placed by us, you'll need to pay us back according to ISA.


Study with our Guaranteed Job Program.

We will make you learn as per industry standards. Develop your abilities in a curriculum specially designed for your dream job.


Guaranteed Placement Assistance.

Find a job that pays you a guaranteed CTC. Enhance your skills and abilities and land at your dream company with a good package.
We will provide you with 100% placement assistance.


Pay only after getting placed

Get placed in the company and payback to us on the terms and conditions as per ISA.
Earn a package of :
4 LPA to less than 6 LPA & pay RS 1 LAKH + GST
6 LPA to less than 8 LPA & pay RS 1.5 LAKH + GST
8 LPA onwards & pay RS 2.5 LAKH + GST

Steps to Apply


Enlighten us about yourself and your skills so that we can get a better understanding of you.

Screening Test

This round is basically to test and evaluate your coding skills and to find out where you stand in the world of coding .


Analysis based on different parameters to find out whether or not our course is suitable for you.

Course Curriculum

Students will acquire technical knowledge on DS and Algorithms, Web Dev, SQL and projects along with interview requirements like guesstimate, aptitude and logical reasoning, puzzles, and English questions which are frequently asked in technical interviews.

  • Data Structures

    The objective of this course is to improve students' problem-solving abilities. We take a step-by-step approach from basic to advanced to help students and develop their interest in coding.

    • Basics Of Programming
      • Number System
      • Loops
      • Patterns
      • Functions and Arrays
      • 2-Dimensional Arrays
      • String, StringBuilder, and ArrayList
    • Dynamic Programming
      • Time and space complexity
    • Basic Data Structures
      • Stacks and Queues
      • Linked Lists
      • Generic Tree
      • Binary Tree
      • Binary Search Tree
    • Miscellaneous
      • Basics of C++( MCQ rounds)
    • OOPS
    • Recursion
      • Introduction to Recursion
      • Recursion in Arrays
      • Recursion with Array lists
      • Recursion on the way up
    • Advanced-Data Structures
      • Hashmap And Heap
      • Graphs
  • Interview Related

    This course is aimed at making students get interview-ready for future companies. We will provide guesstimates, aptitude and logical reasoning, puzzles, English questions that are frequently asked in an interview. Moreover, resume review and analysis along with guidance on how to improve will be provided.
    Mock interviews will also be conducted for better preparations for actual interviews.

    • Guesstimate
    • Aptitude and logical Reasoning
    • Puzzles
    • English related questions
    • Resume analysis and building
    • Mock interviews
  • SQL

    With the help of SQL- Structured Query Language you will be able to create, maintain and retrieve the data from relational databases like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, etc. The course will involve rigorous practice and help students learn how to store data efficiently and much more.

    • Normalization
    • Keys and Constraints
    • Indexes (Clustered and Non-Clustered)
    • Joins
    • Views
    • Functions
    • Schema Design
    • Queries(Basics and Advanced)
  • Projects

    With this students would be able to make apps that would solve real-world problems. You can also participate in Hackathons and show your skills to the world. Moreover, be on a path towards success & start creating your websites & web apps.

    • Web Scrapping
    • Data Analysis using NumPy, Pandas,Matplotlib
      • Data Cleaning
      • Data Processing
      • Data Visualization
    • MERN Full Stack Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements for joining Guaranteed Job Program?
    We would anticipate that the applicant has some basic coding expertise, as well as high aptitude and problem-solving abilities. Before taking admissions, we would perform a test to assess these abilities.
  • What is the duration of the course?
    We will train you for three months and then place you within the next three months.
  • What is the cost of the course?
    You would have to pay zero fees until you earn a package of :
    4 LPA to less than 6 LPA - RS 1 LAKH + GST
    6 LPA to less than 8 LPA - RS 1.5 LAKH + GST
    8 LPA onwards - RS 2.5 LAKH + GST
  • Will I be required to pay if I resign or am fired?
    If you voluntarily quit your job, your payout will continue. Payment will be suspended in the event of forced termination for 3 months. We will make every attempt to find you another job as quickly as feasible.
    We will provide job assistance after the first job only for 3 months.
    After that,your payout will continue.
    And the proper agreement will be made between both parties to handle all the terms and conditions legally.
  • Is it free?
    The course isn't free, unfortunately. The course will be ISA-based (Income Share Agreement).
  • What is an ISA?
    An income-share agreement (ISA) is a type of loan in which the student's future earnings decide the repayment amount. An ISA provider lends money to a student in exchange for a portion of their wage after the student is placed for a set amount of time.

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