FAANG List 2.0

The complete list of questions covered in our Level-2 course. This list consists of questions across all difficulty levels - Easy, Medium and Hard. All the hot topics asked in the interviews - Dynamic Programming, Graphs, Arrays, Strings, Searching and Sorting, are covered in this list. The questions are clubbed such that similar techniques can be applied to solve these questions and related to each other in a way.

Covering this list of questions makes the student placement ready and almost at the peak of their preparation. It stands a very high chance that one of your next interview questions is one from this list. Our past success has been from students who solved majority questions from this questionnaire and got similar questions to the concepts used in solving this list of questions.

Classroom Discussions

FAANG List 2.0

  1. LinkedList  
  2. Tree  
  3. Graph  
  4. Dynamic Programming  
  5. Stack  
  6. HashMap And Heap  
  7. Array And String  
  8. Searching And Sorting  
  9. Array And String 2  
  10. Trie  

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Pepcoding is an education and programming platform where we intend to teach computer related technologies such as Data Structure, Algorithms, Web Development, Mobile App Development and many more. The content taught and covered is inspired from similar platforms such as GeeksforGeeks, Leetcode, InterviewBit and Hackerrank however it has been simplified and modified for the sole purpose of improving the learning and training experience of a student.