Data Structures and Algorithms - Levelup

Data Structures and Algorithms - Levelup

Taught By: Rajneesh Kumar

Instructed By: Sumeet Malik

Take your DS knowledge to next level along with competitive programming.


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Who Should Do This Course?

Students who are confident with their basics but find it difficult to deal with topics such as recursion, data structures, dynamic programming and graphs. This is best suited for the students who wish to take their coding skills a notch higher.

Why should you do this course?

This course introduces you with the world of competitive programming and takes you to its complete depth. This is where you will code the most intriguing and complex problems in programming. It prepares you for your trademark course - Interview Preparation. This is where you bake the cake.

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Data Structures and Algorithms - Levelup Pitampura Jan 20 2021

Data Structures and Algorithms - Levelup Pitampura Jan 20 2021

Rajneesh Kumar

Alternate Days
6:00 -10:00 PM

How will class conducted?

We conduct online live webinars to make sure that we deliver the same class like experience as we do for our offline classes. Students can get that personal touch with the instructors using our software where they can make sure to get their code up and running and also understand every topic personally without disturbing the pace of the class. In the first class of each topic, we discuss the basics of the topics and easy questions at a fast pace. As the course progresses, we move onto the medium and hard questions of each topic. The last 10 classes are dedicated to competitive programming where we tackle topics like Range Queries, Computational Geometry, Number Theory etc. and code questions on these topics.

Batch Detail:

January 20

Course Content:

Price Detail
(* Including GST)

 300 advanced questions on DSA + competitive programming
 Alternate classes
3 classes per week
 2.5 months
 50 Lectures (200 hours)
 Expert Doubt Support
 Certificate of Completion


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