Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structures and Algorithms

Taught By: Deepak Pannu

Instructed By: Sumeet Malik

A beginners guide to code. Learn Data Structures from scratch


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Who Should Do This Course?

Students new to programming or are out of touch with coding but desire to build their basics of programming and learn the most complex topics such as Recursion, DP, Data Structure & Algorithm.

Why should you do this course?

The course offers training in both C++ and Java together with a total of 50 classes provided with round the clock online TA's. This is the best course for programming suited for beginners.

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Data Structures and Algorithms Pitampura Jan 20 2021

Data Structures and Algorithms Pitampura Jan 20 2021

Mohit Behl

3 classes per week

How will class conducted?

We conduct online live webinars to make sure that we deliver the same class like experience as we do for our offline classes. Initially the course is taught in JAVA for a better understanding of the concepts. Students can get that personal touch with the instructors using our software where they can make sure to get their code up and running and also understand every topic personally without disturbing the pace of the class. The content covered in our online classes is the same as our offline classes. This course is all about learning how to code. At the end of 40 classes, we revise the whole course in C++ in 10 days to make sure the students learn c++ quickly and get a thorough revision of the whole course at a fast pace.

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January 20

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 200 easy to medium question on DSA
 Alternate classes
3 classes per week
 2.5 months
 50 Lectures (200 hours)
 Expert Doubt Support
 Certificate of Completion


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