Step into the real world with PEPCODING's DEV-101



You can join
  1. If you have done foundation course in any language.
  2. If you have more than 100 hours of programming experience.
  3. If you love to explore new technologies that are transforming our lives.
  4. If you are appearing for internship/placement.


The only course you need to become complete Developer be it making real world websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, deploying them on cloud, automating your boring task or ranking it better on Google.


JavaScript the language (Lecture 1- 10)


  1. Basic syntax and Memory Map.
  2. Functional Programming in JavaScript.
  3. Closure and Higher Order Functions.
  4. Call back and Call back Hell.
  5. Serving and streaming files.
  6. Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript.
  7. ECMAScript 6 Syntax.
  8. Event loop, Message queue and Async Js.
  9. Promises and Async Await.

Projects: While learning core concepts of JS we have built

  1. Command Line Bash.
  2. Command Line Chat App.
  3. Command Line To-do App.
  4. Command Line Weather App.
  5. Static file streaming server.

Outcome: You have a strong foundation in JavaScript and know how it behaves in different situations

User Interface Design (Lecture 11 - 18)

  1. Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3.
  2. HTML elements and CSS selectors.
  3. Responsive Design - Table, Flex, Grid.
  4. Design and typography.
  5. Version control and Git.
  6. Static deployment on gh-pages.
  7. Bootstrap and It’s usage.


  1. Our First Webpage Using pure HTML and CSS.
  2. Frontend for our food Delivery WebApp.
  3. Holiday Webpage using bootstrap.

Outcome: You are now able to make clean, beautiful and responsive UI for your apps and deploy on web for world to see.

JS for Browser (Lecture 19-25)

  1. Introduction to DOM manipulation.
  2. Introduction to Web Apis.
  3. Introduction to BOM API.
  4. Web Apis: audio, video, Canvas.
  5. Push Notification, Location Apis.
  6. Service Worker and WebRTC.
  7. WebSocket’s and Realtime WebApps.

Projects: While discovering JS for browser we have built

  1. Budget Management Web app.
  2. Web audio chat app like skype.
  3. Realtime White Board.
  4. Dom Manipulation of our Food WebApp.

Outcome: This modules unveil the real power of asynchronous JS and Web Apis that are available inside browser and how we could use them to make web 2.0 apps.

JS for Server (Lecture 26- 35)

  1. NodeJS Modules and npm.
  2. Filesystem API, Buffers Events and Streams.
  3. Dynamic Webpages and Templates.
  4. Flat files on server.
  5. Node JS App deployment on Heroku.
  6. ExpressJS Framework routing and middleware.
  7. REST APIs and MVC architecture
  8. Pug for templating.
  9. Implement RDBMs using MySQL.
  10. Implement NoSQL Database using MongoDB.
  11. Email verification and Acknowledgement.
  12. File upload using multer.
  13. Authentication using JWT and oauth.
  14. Payment using Stripe.


  1. Node Store project using Server rendered Web pages
  2. Backend of our food Delivery WebApp with our own API, email on purchase, payment and login capabilities

Outcome: We are now able to make our own node apps, real time chat app and implement our own SQL as well as NoSQL Databases.

JS for Gaming (Lecture 36 - 37)

  1. Introduction to 2d Gaming and Phaser Library
  2. Sprite Sheet, Gaming Engine and Physics
  3. Introduction to 3d Gaming and Babylon


  1. Build classic games like star, space shooter and bricks.
  2. 3D car racing game with obstacle detection.

Outcome: This module introduces us to world of gaming done with JavaScript.

Web Scraping (Lecture 38- 40)

  1. Scraping data using NodeJS and cheerio.
  2. Scraping client side rendered NodeJS and puppeteer.
  3. Automating login and form submissions.


  1. Live YouTube subscriber counter

React and Apps (Lecture 41 - 47)



Lesson Title
React JS
Introduction to React JS.
Creating elements and components.
States, props and Event Handling.
List/Tables, keys, Conditional Rendering.
Updating the state.
Navigation (Routing, Redirecting, Switch, Link, NavLink).
Forms and authentication.
Calling backend services.
Stateless functional components (SFC) and Class components.
Programmatic navigation and Lifecycle hooks.
Mobile Apps
Introduction to react Native.
Build android app using React Native.
Porting our Android app to iOS.


  1. Movie Rental Single Page app
  2. iOS and android chat App

Outcome: We are now able to make iOS and android app with same code base, Electrons empowers us to make desktop app for windows, mac and Linux in one go

IOT and Open Source (Lecture 48 - 50)

  1. Introduction to internet of things.
  2. Controlling Hardware Devices with raspberry pi.
  3. Introduction to opensource development and contribution.

Outcome: We have introduced you to the exciting world of IOT devices and mentored you towards opensource development to help your journey through GSOC.

“Pep” Effect

  1. Videos: Online videos for important topics to help revise and cover missed classes.
  2. Project:Real World project after every module gives student hands-on experience on technologies taught in lecture.
  3. Doubt Support:Onl
  4. ine TAs help in prompt doubt support. 1-10 TA to student ratio in classes.
  5. Revision Option: We provide our students with unlimited revision option so they can revise as many times they want that to free of cost.
  6. Back-up Class: We provide catch up classes via doubts teacher in case you miss one.


This course covers a lot of ground for a starter. Now you are ready to explore more.

  1. Make apps that would solve real world problems.
  2. Start contributing to Open Source which will give you a fair chance in GSoC.
  3. You can also participate in Hackathons and show your skills to the world.
  4. You may like to compete online for bagging placements and internships. We have a “Interview Prep” course for that purpose.


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